New poetry collection, Missel-Child, coming soon!

My first full-length collection of poetry, titled Missel-Child, is out in January from Carcanet Press, but you can pre-order a copy now, with 10% discount, from Carcanet’s website: click here to go the book’s page, find out more about it, and (if you like the sound of it) pre-order your copy. Here’s what some terrific poets have said about it so far:

Her quiet, precise poems have a genuine eeriness. She has interests in both archaeology and psychology, but knows intuitively that they aren’t separate – that when we dig up the past it’s our own roots we are looking at.
Grevel Lindop
The poems in this collection are written from various perspectives and angles, tackling with virtuosity a range of strategies, voices and themes. But through and under all these runs a binding tune that is both accomplished and haunting […] The diction is unexpected, apt and deeply satisfying, focusing the reader not only on the words chosen, but also on the ghosts and resonances of those that might have been there […] The poems in this collection resonate and ring true, tugging at thoughts and feelings just beyond the fully conscious mind. A beautiful book.
Carola Luther
Missel-Child is an exceptional volume. Some of the subject-matter is ‘found’, some comes from a powerful and intelligent imagination and from keen observation. All is embodied in a language that is sensuous and strong. This highly original book will be returned to over and over again.
Jeffrey Wainwright
I will be planning readings and events to promote the book so if you are interested in signing me up to do a reading or take part in a poetry event, please get in touch.