Rosh Hashanah: a poem for autumn

Sunset today marks the beginning of the Jewish festival of Rosh Hashanah (new year), so I thought I would post the poem of that name that I wrote a while back (I suspect it was this time last year). The poem obviously refers to autumnal ritual, and the sense of storing up riches (of various kinds) against the coming winter; but I also tried to make it reflect my sense of autumn in a physical sense – I wanted the language to sound, feel and taste like autumn.

Rosh Hashanah

 This is the orchard time. Rows
of tongued gods glut our ears with

 double-talk: promises, sweet
drip of luxury. This is

 the time of consummations,
of feastings after sundown:

 a marriage shored against the
barren months. By rivers we

 cast out our secrets, ask the
forgiveness of water. This

is the time of apples and
honey: sharp truths sliced and dipped

 in glowing gold. We take, and
eat. It is enough, enough.