Keith Douglas piece on Carcanet’s blog. And Hashim Amla (not on Carcanet’s blog)

I’m very pleased to say that a short piece I wrote about a poem by Keith Douglas, ‘Behaviour of Fish in an Egyptian Tea Garden’, is now live here on Carcanet’s blog. I’m not at all an expert on Douglas – it’s really a piece about my initial response to his work, having had the good luck to find a copy of his collected poems in Oxfam recently.

I wonder whether Douglas ever played cricket… Anyway, I also wanted to tip my (metaphorical) hat to Hashim Amla, who a few days ago became the first South African cricketer to make a triple century in a Test match. It was a fantastic innings, though pretty brutal for the England bowlers who were carted round the park for what seemed like about a week… Looking forward to seeing what happens at Headingley.